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I have worked with a multitude of technologies during my 20+ years as a technologist.  I’m fairly liberal in my view of tools and languages.  I believe that a good technologist should be able to pick up a tool or language and run with it.  However, I have strong feelings about cohesive homogeneous technology across intellectual property, and the right technology in the right places.

Some particular “technologies” that I like to work with:

Java, Map Reduction, Machine Learning, Angular (Ng), Open Shift, Fabric8, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Java Application Servers (various: Jetty, Tomcat, WildFlyetc), Node.js (Sails, Waterline), NoSql (DynamoDB, Cassandra), Redis,  Active MQ, Apache Mesos, Mesosphere, Graph Databases (Titan DB), Python, React, REST, Web Sockets, AWS, Continuous Delivery, Pragmatic Agile (non-dogmatic)

Some possibly relevant “technologies” that I have worked with:

.Net (C#, C++), Perl, Ruby, SQL Server, Oracle DBMS, DB2, MongoDB, Objective C, J2EE, Service Buses, Messaging Frameworks

I have also worked with a raft of “technologies” that are no longer relevant.


Zeal Technology

2016 – present

  • CTO and Co-Founder

At Zeal, we come to work every day to address the biggest challenge facing companies and their employees: creating a positive environment where people can succeed. Zeal was born out of our frustration with today’s typical company culture and our desire to share the empowering effects a great culture can have on you and your organization. With a good culture comes motivation, engagement, and better relationships.

No matter what business you are in, you need to be able to accurately monitor the health of your organizational culture. That’s why we at Zeal provide you with the tools to read and interpret the vital signs of your team’s morale, to ensure they are focused on making your company great


(2016 – present)

  • Vice President Engineering


Vice President of Engineering, responsible for continuing to support Percussion’s SaaS and Enterprise CMS.

Crescendo Content Marketing

(2014 – 2016)

  • Head of Engineering / Chief Architect

For marketers who want to increase content output, quality, and impact, Crescendo is a content marketing platform that makes it easy to create awesome content and measure engagement. Crescendo is a 100% Multi-tenant SAAS solution built for the cloud. Crescendo is a sister company of Percussion Software.


Head of Engineering, responsible for building a team and technical execution of stakeholder vision.  Chief Architect responsible for cohesive, clean, coherent cutting edge architecture to support Crescendo’s intellectual property.


Rapid Delivery of Stakeholder Vision

Communication of System Architecture and Patterns

Enforcement of Cohesion of Technology

Evolving to New Requirements with Agility

Maintaining Engineering’s Stature Within the Organization


(2012 – 2014)

  • Chief Architect
  • Principal Engineer

Percussion Software’s products enable you to take control over your web content management and content marketing strategies to increase traffic, drive revenue, improve engagement, and create compelling online customer experiences. Delivered in a highly usable and affordable product package, hundreds of leading companies, education institutions, and government agencies are using Percussion to lower the costs of their content strategies and gain the flexibility to address “What’s Next” on the web.


Brought Percussion back to a regular release cycle with clearly defined Agile Process. Worked with Product Management to size and evaluate new offerings.  Led efforts and contributed to difficult internal features and deployment paradigms. Architected and Developed the next generation cloud platform that would become Crescendo.


Next Generation Platform

Workforce Central SAAS

Continuous Integration

Correction of Fatal Architectural Flaws

Live First Site Import Performance and Crawling Functionality

Live First Thumbnail Functionality

Visible Technologies

(2012 Short Term Commitment)

  • Agile Coach

Visible is the leader in social media monitoring and analytics solutions, providing the perfect combination of software and services to harness business value from social communities.


Coached the team through change, organized the process. Helped unify and coach teams from vastly different cultures. Coached teams through cross team cultural difficulties during a couple of difficult releases, after major organizational changes. I brought pragmatic Agility into the organization. I explained and implemented Version One for the Burlington team.  Worked toward unifying the Bellevue (WA) and Burlington (MA) toolsets and processes. Transitioned offshore development back to employee based responsibility and terminated offshore contracts.

Thompson Reuters (XMLaw / Elite)

(2011 – 2012)

  • Chief Architect, Boston Division

Thomson Reuters Elite offers an end-to-end enterprise business management solution that allows law firms and professional services organizations to run all operational aspects of their firms, including business development, risk management, client and matter management, and financial management.


Responsible for Software Architectural oversight and growth within Hubbard One’s Boston Development Organization. Worked with offsite peers to bring architectural cohesion within the organization and across products.


Data Integration and Discovery for Legal Enterprises
Architected an enterprise wide solution for the integration of data across Big Law enterprises and offsite points of authority. The system presented HATEOAS based navigation with dynamic RESTful interfaces. Implementation of the system would lead to a unification of disparate data systems based on adapters to a normalized discovery schema.  The system was projected to reduce the need for paralegal staff, improve operational efficiency exponentially, and yield vast troves of information formerly undiscovered.

Sharepoint Dynamic BCS Search Product
Architected and developed a dynamic .Net integration of BCS and FAST search. Reverse engineered the underpinnings of FAST, BCS and Sharepoint indexing to create a truly unique product offering.

Agile process improvements
Brought many Agile improvements to the organization, integrated improvements across offsite divisions.


(2009 – 2011)

  • Principal Technologist and Architect – Operational Technology Direction, Lexington Division


Responsible for Leading development technology direction, SDLC, sizing and planning, technical mentoring, writing code, and evangelizing simplification and refactoring.


Agile Adoption
Introduced Agile metaphors, tools and process to improve velocity and predictability. The result was predictable promotions / iterations and a successful move from 6 month to 30 day releases. Promoted Test Driven Development as a discipline. Instructed developers on how to bring legacy code under test. Integrated unit testing into the standard process. Introduced continuous frameworks to build, run tests on each promotion, report metrics and publish results.

Refactor of Deployment Architecture
Led a team of engineers to decouple our deployment metaphor, architected a new installation / upgrade model. The result was a restoration in the organizations faith in upgrade and deployment. Promoted further improvements in the SAAS environment.

Refactor of Build Architecture – Source to Kit
Building the Saba Centra code base was highly inefficient and time consuming. Build machines were physical hardware and prone to failure. Introduced virtualization infrastructure to the build process. Templated virtual build machines for failover, redundancy , scalability and fast reuse. Introduced continuous integration servers, Maven and Maven Repositories to reduce build time and excessive build cycles. Led retooling of the build process toward efficiency, speed and scalability. Modularized and detangled the building of individual components by introducing Maven, taught technical staff how to modularize and evangelized standards. The result was better overall comprehension of code structure, easier integration, and continuous integration.


(1999 – 2009)

  • Senior Software Architect
  • Agile Lead
  • Technical Development Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer


Held a variety of positions including Senior Software Engineer, Agile Lead, Technical Development Manager, Senior Software Architect within a large development organization. Responsible for various technical product strategies, leading development teams, sizing and planning, technical mentoring, writing code, evangelizing simplification, promoting refactoring, leading teams of developers toward on time delivery of mission critical engines and middle tier frameworks, productize theoretical work for pragmatic success, moving R&D to reality.


Architect Workforce Integration Manager
The Kronos enterprise integration framework was dated; a new product was needed. I conceptualized and designed the application suite; working with a team of 25 developers to deliver Workforce Integration Manager to market. The product is now used exclusively for enterprise level integration by Kronos and has spawned a business unto itself. The WIM product is included in 99% of Kronos sales and considered essential to integrating Kronos into SAAS and on-site enterprise ecosystems.

Architect Kronos SAP Integration and Certification
Kronos needed a certified integration with SAP in HR, Operations and Payroll. I mentored and led a team of implementors toward creation of a dynamic Web Service invocation layer based on runtime discovery of capabilities contained in SAP’s WSDL. The solution also encompassed custom ABAP / BAPI objects, real-time triggers and Web Service creation. As a result Kronos is projected to realize revenue previously unavailable.

Architect Dynamic Notification Framework
Notification frameworks within Kronos J2EE application software were dated or non existent. I hired, mentored and led a team of developers in the creation of a dynamic framework that builds JMX MBeans on the fly based on metadata derived from annotations within the code base. Developers in the Kronos code base can now easily add monitoring capabilities to their applications without extensive JMX knowledge.

Replacement of Core Middle Tier Engines in Workforce Central
Kronos needed to replace their core engines in a timely fashion before Smalltalk was sunset. R&D efforts to replace these engines had failed three separate times. I led a team of developers in replacing the Smalltalk engine with a robust multi-threaded Java implementation and a robust distributed queue based driver in a pragmatic manner. The outcome was three exceedingly complex engines implemented under TDD with > 90% test coverage on budget, on time and with an unprecedentedly low defect rate.

Agile Design and TDD Instruction
After Agile practices were adopted, developers needed an in depth introduction to TDD. I authored and instructed a technical course on Agile Design and Test Driven Development to 400 engineers. As a result Agile Design and TDD became the accepted best practices per the Engineering Plan of Record.

Distributed Client Based Conversion of Data
Upgrade of WFC databases from version 3 to version 4 was taking on the order of 2-3 weeks for a typical deployment. I worked to devise and create a distributed client based solution in to reduce the amount time required to convert and load data. Time for database upgrade was reduced to 2-3 hours on both Oracle and SQLServer.

Optimization and Compilation Optimization of Lexical Query Generator
The core search mechanism in Kronos Workforce Central; a lexical query generator was hard to extend, and performed poorly. I led a team of engineers in the implementation extensibility and query compiler optimization. This was an extensive effort on a core portion of the architecture.  Compiler optimization involved implementation of recursive descent parsing.  Extensibility involved white boxing the complex system for the performance division of Kronos.

SoftLock / Digital Goods

(1997 – 1999)

  • Principal Technologist E-Commerce and Middle Tier
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Technical Development Manager

SoftLock was a market leader in delivering digital content securely for sale prior to e-book popularity. The corporation had a patent on a specific type of document encryption that allowed a sample to be read along with an embedded purchase URL. This coupled with a second patent on pass-along tracking and social networks; amounted to a great idea that was ahead of its time.


Held a variety of positions, including Principal Technologist for Middle Tier and eCommerce functionality, Senior Software Engineer, and Technical Development Manager. Led development teams and various initiative to accomplish radical business goals on a live web based application in a startup environment.


Reimplementation of the E-Commerce Platform
The e-commerce engine based on Microsoft Commerce Pipeline was slow and often brought the whole ecosystem down. I developed an e-commerce solution that removed the pipeline. The result was a high performance, highly scalable COM (C++, COM wrapped STL) based e-commerce engine that vastly exceeded projected peak demand. This was done prior to the availability of “canned” e-commerce solutions.

Refactor of Content Locking Architecture
Content locking took place in a poorly managed bottlenecked queue system that wasn’t suitable for real time content. I integrated distributed content locking into the purchase process thus enabling DRM of dynamic content generation from third party vendors and a better locking experience for core customers.  This was a significant piece of technology as enterprise queue systems were not widely available at the time.

Refactor of System Deployment Architecture
The DCOM implementation of the SoftLock system did not stand up to demand. I migrated the infrastructure of the deployment to localize distributed objects, thus optimizing each server for truly independent transaction handling. This effectively eliminated and object broker bottleneck and allowed for scaling horizontally.  The system was non-trivial, so this constituted a major effort orchestrated across many engineers and departments.

Content Delivery Architecture
As multiple browsers competed around emerging standards, compatibility problems existed between browsers with regard to the content delivery plug-in. I re-architected and implemented the plug-in to interface with a neutral ECMA based DOM to achieve cross browser compatibility.

Digital Goods Rebranding
After a merger with Boston based marketing firm Chilipepper; SoftLock re-branded to Digital Goods. The projected time to migrate their Web Presence was multiple man years… this exceeded the required time to market. I created several parsers to migrate the site. The re-brand was accomplished in 2 days.


(1995 – 1997)

  • Software Engineer

Libera was a development house that specializes in Case Management, Internet Development, and Publishing specific application development.


Gather requirements, create specifications and execute development of custom solutions based on terms of contract and client need.


OCR Workflow Technology for Digital Conversion of Hard Copy Assets
Libera had difficulty competing with cheap offshore labor when bidding for hard copy to digital conversions. I created an OCR integration technology coupled with a work-flow around document conversion. This technology / process vastly outperformed offshore triple keying methodologies. Thus allowing an American business to decimate bids by cheap offshore labor. Key components of the technology included; drum scanning, OCR engine voting, repository based storage, human disambiguation, packaging, delivery

FDIC Adjudicated Decisions Search Engine
The FDIC engaged Libera to enable web-based search functionality for the FDIC web library of legal documentation on adjudicated decisions. I developed a search engine for this purpose prior to the availability of products like Lucene and “easy” plug and play search technology.

Document Conversion Parsers
Conversion of documents in proprietary and forgotten digital formats involved very complex work-flows prone to error and not time effective. I created very robust parsers and parser extensions to parse content out of proprietary and standard document formats into standard HTML and SGML formats. The end result being able to effectively compete with offshore labor.

Mosby GenRx Application – Conversion to Web Based Architecture
Converted mission critical pharmaceutical interaction applications to web based architectures (back end and front end). The result being better distributed deployments of these applications in pharmacies and hospitals.

Princeton University Press – Scheduling Component
Libera received a bid to create a work-flow management application for Princeton University Press. I executed the press scheduling component of this implementation (back end and front end) in COM based Microsoft technologies.

Libera Document Loader
Architected a document loading bridge between proprietary products and Adobe PDF Reader.

Self Employed / Independent Contractor

(1994 – 1998)


Worked on site to architect and develop a full service (ERP) application solely focused on the business problems of food service distribution. The application contained several innovations that are now mainstream in this marketplace.

Worked on site to observe, and collect requirements

Implemented predictive ordering, smart stem searching for products, cost modeling, pick lists based on behavioral ordering patterns, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, general ledger based accounting.


Businesses adopting the product gained a vast competitive advantage. Order collection generally took around 8 to 10 hours across this business sector. Customers using the system saw their total order collection time reduced to about one hour total.

The product had an extremely low defect rate, with only five bugs collected and fixed during it’s lifespan of seven plus years in service.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Master of Science
Graduated 1994

Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts
Graduated 1993

Chautauqua High School

Graduated 1989

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